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GoDaddy Office 365 Limitations and Problems

GoDaddy offers its own flavor of Office 365.  The mailboxes they sell are running on the same cloud infrastructure that Microsoft built but they add their own security overlay that integrates with the GoDaddy login process.

This integration makes the initial setup somewhat easier for the novice user but there are limitations that often don’t show up until you are trying to take advantage of newer features of Office 365.  Common complaints about the GoDaddy 365 include issues with two-factor authentication (2FA), access to the Exchange admin console and many other areas.  There are limitations regarding the other 365 services you may want to add.  The list goes on.

They also lure you in with coupons that offer a lower entry price compared to what Microsoft offers.  The bad news comes when you go to renew and find the prices can be much higher than Microsoft retail pricing.  You also are encouraged to sign up for one or more years to take advantage of their initial pricing.  Once you get locked in it is harder to move to a different provider.

The process to migrate away from GoDaddy has been painful too.  You couldn’t just switch over to Microsoft directly.  You had to create a new tenant, migrate the mailboxes, and hope you could get the domain quickly switched away from GoDaddy at the right time.  It was not a pleasant task and it could be time consuming and expensive.  There also is some data that just won’t migrate as of this writing.

If you have already signed up with GoDaddy for Office 365 and need help in breaking that relationship we can help!  We’re here to help you transition, obtain licensing, set up backups, and better understand how to manage your Office 365 account.  It is possible to do all of this with your current Office 365 tenant and without the loss of any data!

If you need help, please contact us and we can help you save the expense of a full migration to another tenant.

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