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This is what you get when you subscribe to Acarté′s Internet Security Awareness Training. As opposed to old-style, first-generation canned web based training, you get five things: 1) A Phishing Security Test. This test is a free simulated phishing attack that gets tracked on both “open” and “click”. The result: the Phish-prone™ percentage of the […]

Has PayPal Been Hacked?

This morning we are seeing unconfirmed reports that some PayPal accounts may have been compromised.  When it comes to services that have access to our bank accounts and credit cards, we don’t like to take chances. Information is power, so computer criminals are always on the lookout for new ways to access people’s data. One obvious […]


Acarte’ Technology is proud to be a supporter of the Southwest Florida Association of Environmental Professionals. Please keep us in mind if you or your company need any technology consulting services.  We specialize in supporting the tools that many of your members utilize at work.  If you are having issues with your computer or network we are […]

Extremely Slow Performance on Dell Precision or XPS Laptop

We always like to pass on tips when we come across a unique issue.  Here is one regarding Dell laptops. After a power surge, we had a Dell Precision M7720 workstation slow down to an extreme level.  Most programs still worked, but at a speed well below normal. We noticed the CPU multiplier was stuck at […]

Painfully Slow Display Speed on Remote Support Sessions

We utilize a variety of remote support tools to assist our clients.  Among them are TeamViewer, Splashtop, MSP Anywhere, ScreenConnect, N-Able MSP Connect and others.  On some systems, the remote support performance is painfully slow compared to other access methods.  In some cases, the speed is so slow that it takes a minute or more […]

The AutoCAD Virus

Do you have a drawing that just doesn’t seem to get smaller when you delete and purge? Have you noticed significant performance issues when you either opened or plotted drawings or created eTransmit packages in AutoCAD? If so, you might have what we call, The AutoCAD Virus! These items can occur when your drawings have […]

Transferring Adobe Digital Signature to a New Computer

We work with a lot of professionals, such as architects and engineers, that need to apply a digital seal to PDF files. A common need is to copy that self-signed digital signature to a new computer. In order to copy the signature, you need to find the file that contains the certificate information which ends […]

Second Print Job Fails on HP Printer – printfilterpipelinesvc.exe

Today we came across an HP printer connected via USB cable that would print one document but further documents would be stuck in the queue. The normal process would be to stop the print spooler, clear out the contents of c:\windows\system32\spool\printers, and then restart the printer queue to try again. With this computer, there were […]

GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft 365 CSP Migration Made Easy!

GoDaddy is not our favorite choice for clients obtaining Office 365.  To be clear, we hate GoDaddy Office 365.  They offer some other fine products, but their version of 365 is limited and frustrating to manage. The reasons are numerous.  Low prices initially but then upon renewal, you can pay way more than the same […]

GoDaddy Office 365 Limitations and Problems

GoDaddy offers its own flavor of Office 365.  The mailboxes they sell are running on the same cloud infrastructure that Microsoft built but they add their own security overlay that integrates with the GoDaddy login process. This integration makes the initial setup somewhat easier for the novice user but there are limitations that often don’t […]