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Disaster Planning and Recovery

Disaster Planning & Recovery

Are you a business owner?  If so, we know you’re busy so we recommend that you send this page to someone in your company you trust.  Have them review our suggestions versus what you do now.  Pick someone who is organized and thorough.  Don’t pick your current IT person.  Pick someone who can take a fresh look at how you prepare and ask the right questions.

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Half the year is hurricane season.

Are you prepared?

At Acarte’ Technology, one of our primary objectives is to help protect our customers from the unexpected. With proper planning, we can avoid many of the threats that could impact our businesses.  Of course, we can’t keep your office from getting swept away by a storm surge or tornado, but we can show you the steps that can protect your valuable business data and get you back up and running faster after a storm or other disaster.

With most of our client base in Florida, our primary concern when it comes to disaster preparation is how a hurricane can impact our businesses. There are more threats than hurricanes of course, and we’ve included thoughts about many of those threats in the resources below.

Can Your Company Survive a Disaster?

We understand.  You don’t have time to think about what could happen to interrupt your business.  You survived Hurricane Charley and Irma OK and those were bad storms.  It can’t get worse than that, right?  Unfortunately, it probably could.  Have you thought about these possibilities?


Long-Term Disaster Planning

You don’t know when the next disaster will hit, and if you will have any warning at all.  The time to start planning is now!  Here are some tips that you can do now to be prepared.  This is not a quick fix.  How does this list compare to your current plans?  Find out more here.


The Storm is Imminent!

You’ve been watching the “cone of uncertainty” for the last week and now it looks like you could take a real hit.  What, they are saying we could have four feet of water in the building?  It’s too late for long-term planning but we need to do what we can to prepare quickly.  Here is what we would do.

We Took a Hit. Now What?

The storm has passed.  We survived and will have second thoughts about riding out the next storm.  What is the status of our employees? How can we run our business without power or the Internet?  How do we get back up and running as soon as possible?  Here are some of our suggestions.


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